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Pluto Dog Plush Toys Children's Day Gift

Pluto Dog Plush Toys Children's Day Giftpluto2

Pluto is Mickey’s pet, because Mickey loves dog very much. However, his debut was to capture Mickey. He is pure that he expresses his love and hate by his nasal. He can’t talk, but it doesn’t affect his communication with Mickey. He is absolutely loyal to his owner. When Mickey is in danger, he will risk his life to save. Sometimes, Pluto is a little naughty.

Product Name: Mickey Mouse series, Pluto plush toy, Valentine’s Day gift

Sitting Height: About 38cm
Material: Imported high-grade super soft short fleece
Filling: Three-dimensional Vaccum PP cotton
Note: There may be tiny chromatic aberration due to the light, takes material object as the standard
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