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Q Version Polymer Clay Couple Doll Live Customized


Product Name: Polymer clay doll, birthday present & gifts for new couples
Height: About 17cm

The doll features big head and small body, very cute and lifelike. It is different from traditional portrait or waxwork, please do not measure it according to this standard. Generally speaking, Polymer clay doll is medium well.

1. The modeling clay is imported from Germany, featuring non-toxic, environmental protection, indeformable. It is also water-proof, so if it gets dirty, you only need to wipe it using soap or toothpaste.

2. Polyester resin, colorful and non-toxic, is a kind of industrial chemicals. It is also widely used in various crafts, because it is convenient for carving. Relatively, it is harder than Polymer clay.

Production Process:
Choose pictures you are most satisfied with. Please note that the pictures will directly affect the final quality of the work. You’d better provide several clear front view pictures with rich even exaggerating expressions.

2. Scene
The unique design of anchor plate including the head of Polymer clay and the body of resin. The style of resin body is specially designed that is fonded of by most people.

We will submit your pictures along with your requirements to our graver. He will design your polymer clay similar to that shown in the picture as possible as he can.

4Production Cycle
Manual items usually have no stocks. The Production Cycle is between 10 to 20 days.

As a creative artwork, polymer clay is second to none. In a age advocating individualism, gifts like flowers, watches, and perfume surely will move him or her, but there is a lack of surprise. Customize a polymer clay doll for her and add pleasure to your life.

1.Equal time and energy will be spent on each doll no matter how large it is.
2.Due to the specialty, please respect our work.
3.Considering the security of shipping, the base and dolls will be separated. When the item reach you, you should assemble it by yourself. We suggest that you use 502 or AB glue.
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