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Cute KungFu Panda Po Figure Resin Ashtray



Po is back! He has broken out of television and is on his way to search and destroy unsuspecting smelly ashtrays and send them packing. This homeless little guy is on a soul search looking for that perfect table to rest on and practice his amazing kung fu.

Let Po into your house and allow him to search out the disgusting old ashtray and replace with him. He is a collectable style astray themed to the Kung fu Panda movie. He is the ultimate in ashtray design. There is no better way to turn something so disgusting into something so cool.

- Color: Black + white + green

- Material: Resin

- Size:5-9cm

- Weight: 370 g

- Cute Po figure from KungFu Panda

- A nice desktop ashtray for home and office

- Makes a great gift for KungFu Panda fans
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