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Cute Kung Fu Panda Po Figure Toy Coin Bank


Name: Cute Kung Fu Panda Po Figure Toy Coin Bank


Kids always have change, and adults love to ditch their pennies and give them to their children. Children play games with them and save them until they have enough to buy the toys they want. It is also a great way to teach them the value of a dollar. Every child should have their own little bank to store their coins.

This cute Kung Fu Panda figurine piggy bank is very cool. It is bright and colorful and made a strong plastic ensuring the life and looks of him. His name is Po and he loves when you feed him money. If you fill him up to the top, don't worry there is no need to smash him open. He can be separated at the waste, giving you back your investments, and also re-use him. This doll makes a great gift for family and friends, not to mention a great piece of memorabilia from the movie.

- Color: White + black + yellow

- Material: Plastic

- Size:20cm

- Weight: 318 g

- Cute Po figure from Kung Fu Panda cartoon

- Body can be separated so you can get your coins out

- Great gift for children and friends
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