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chicken plush toys ,Metoo 12 Zodiac shake car


Product details:
Handsome Frank showman
Names 12 Zodiac shake car
Size about 17 centimetres in body lenth( with ears)
Weight 0.25kg
Fabrics METOO2012 masterpiece of 12 lunar new year series car shook his head, imported super short hair.Each car base weight of moisture resistant particle, and is equipped with imported adhesive bonding, easier on your car fixed, peeled off also does not leave any traces.
Interior all high-grade PP cotton, no poison, no smell, does not irritate the skin, and child safety.
Package express shipping bag.
Cleaning method proceed to wash, machine washable.Laundry detergent and wash separately from other clothing is recommended, try not to use detergents.After washing and dewatering, air dry, lightly to restore their shape
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