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Ice Age 3 - Plush Doll / Figurine (Lady Scrat / Scratte) 55cm


Product details:
Ice age Scrat's girlfriend, in order to get Scrat Acorn, she use unscrupulous divisive tactics.. She is about 55cm high, soft cuddly plush toys
Name: Ice Age 3 - Plush Doll / Figurine (Lady Scrat / Scratte) (Size: Approx. 55cm height)
Size: 55cm
Material: fabric: extra soft plush
filling material: PP cotton
Color:As Picture
Description: filled with high quality material all using high quality PP cotton filling materials, feel good, elastic well.
Package Included: 1 X Plush toys
Weight 0.85kg
Package Included 1 X Plush toys
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