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007: broken awning pitfalls


In this film,bondOn M lady's loyalty through the test.Because M woman men before to hell on wheels, so military six place to be exposed in the crisis

007: broken awning pitfallsIn the machine.Face this kind of situation, military six place star agent 007 only stand up a solution to the crisis.And, no matter how much it cost, he must save out M lady and preservationSources in six.As we have learned, this is a new bond film, and previous"Broken quantum of solace"There is no correlation.
James Bond(Daniel CraigAct the role ofing) inIstanbulThe failure of the mission and lose sight, outside speculation he has died,NATOUndercover agents material have thus leaked out, and as a bond boss M (Mrs.Judy DanJiAct the role ofing) have information security council chairman of the new horse LuoLi (Ralph exchange feeAct the role ofing) strongly questions, hence become ZF investigation object.
And the headquartersMI6Have been attacked, they think that dutybondSecret appeared to assist M lady, she will bond tracing a extremely dangerous criminals, so he followed the clues totheandShanghai.In the mysterious woman "d Lynn (Bei nani silk · marr losAct the role ofing) and agents of eveNaomi HarrisAct the role ofing) with the help of bond to trace behind in a mysterious character silva (Javier badenAct the role ofing), more surprising M lady skeletons in the closet.In order to save the headquarters, bond can again desperate to defuse the crisis ?
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